Если звезды зажигают... то они точно делают это не сами

Пассивный залог (он же страдательный) - это способ говорить о том, как не сами предметы или люди осуществляют действия, а как действия осуществляются над ними.

1.Bees _____ honey. Honey ____ by bees (make)

make, is 
make, is made

2.She _____ the same mistake. The same mistake _____ by her (make).

is made, made
made, was made
make, is made 

3.He ______ a new continent in 1492. A new continent _____ in 1942 (discover).

discovered, was discovered
discovered, discovered
is discover, is discover

4.I ____ this room every day. This room ____ every day (clean).

am clean, is cleaned 
am cleaning, is being cleaned
clean, is cleaned

5.He ____ me to his wedding. I ____ invited to his wedding (invite).

invited, was invited
is invited, invite
invite, invited

6.He ____ the money last week. A lot of money ____ from the bank last week (steal).

is stole, is stole
stole, was slolen 
stole, were stolen

7.They ____ books. These books ____ by them (translate).

translate, translate 
translate, translated
translate, were translated

8.He _____ this novel when he was younger. This novel ____ by him many years ago (write).

wrote, written
wrote, was written
wrote, had been written

9.The gates _____every evening at 8. He ____ the gates every day (lock).

are locked, locks
are lock, locks
lock, locks 

10.These pictures ____ by a very talented photographer some time ago. He ____ these pictures when he was on a holiday 5 years ago (take).

were taking, was taken
were taken, took
took, took